The Ubertooth Prophecy, Ubertooth Prerequisites

Over the last several posts, we have built an environment that can run an Ubertooth. So, I guess it is

VirtualBox USB Pass-through

VirtualBox USB Pass-through is a topic that does not fit well with my Kali setup nor the actual Ubertooth posts

Seriously, Finish Kali Install Already

I never intended for this to become a multipart behemoth but it did. So picking up from the last post,

Let’s Finish the Kali Install

We will get the OS finished installing. In the last post, I messed up. You need to have 20GB sized

Putting the Kali into the Kali Linux VirtualBox VM

In the last post we looked at creating the VM required to get the Kali install to start going. Today

Getting Kali VirtualBox Setup

So the first step in getting any VM project off the ground is to build the VM, a Kali VirtualBox

The Ubertooth Experience

Beside being a name for a bad cover band, the Ubertooth Experience, it is also an attempt at building a

Hyper-V and VirtualBox

So when I needed to setup a Linux VM, I needed to have one set on top of the OS

No Plan Survives Contact with the Enemy

After having a complete fail on Garden App, we have decided to refocus this site in a different direction. This