Trapped in eBay Developer’s Hell

The inventory app that has so many programming entries is for a small eBay business. They want to use the API’s from eBay to setup the products. This seems simple enough, am I right? How hard could the eBay Developer’s signup process be?

eBay Developer Signup Process

I might have been just a touch or a bunch over dramatic but the process was not as streamlined as I would have liked.

First you have to sign up for an account. I had 4 hours, 4 hours open to working on learning the API for the inventory app. Upon signing up and verifying my account through my email, I was greeted with a popup that said that I had to wait for manual review sometime over the next 24 hours.

I was not happy.

Then I waited. My email address has literally been verified. I waited longer. Don’t be like me and wait too long. They will not send you an email about any successful verification. Just login after 24 hours and see if they let you in to the joint.

Application Keys

Finally, I am free of having to deal with the signup process. After login I am taken to a wonderful little place titled Application Keys.

Lets set one up. How hard can it be?

Turns out not that hard. Anticlimactic ain’t it?

First enter the application name.

Press the Create a Keyset link.

Now you get a popup of doom that wants to know who the responsible party is going to be. Fill out the form.

After all that typing, you press the Continue to Create Keys and you land in your new key home.

Obviously, I have censored the images since my keys ain’t none of your business. But now you can play with your app.

Maybe I was was slightly over dramatic about the eBay Developer’s Hell, maybe it should have been titled Trapped the eBay Developer’s Signup Time Vortex. Other than the unexpected wait time that I don’t remember seeing in the ToS but no matter what you say, I am back in the saddle again and getting ready to wrap up this inventory app.

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