Noob to Pro Redux

I have received some complaints about my Noob to Pro series. Apparently many people felt, I did not take it far enough. My goal was to get a Noob to where I see most pros actually being. People felt that was too low a bar and have requested a bit more. In that spirit, I will add to the series a new set of things to work on in the calculator. So we are going to have a Noob to Pro Redux.

Noob to Pro Redux Themes

My virtual mailman has been busy delivering some suggestions on what to add to the Noob to Pro series in the mail.

I will implement a design pattern that is sometimes used in WinForms. Show a bit of mocking. After that maybe cram in a less than useful but explanatory bit of database access. Those seem to be the areas where I am getting the most complaints. So I am going to address them.

Heck, I might even make a web or different GUI version of it using the same code. That should be a fun topic.

As a result of this redux, I hope you realize that I do try to improve the content around this place so please feel free to add any more suggestions you thing would be good in the series. I am always happy to hear them.

After receiving some requests for additions to the Noob to Pro series, I am going to dig deeper into it. Here we go on a Noob to Pro Redux for 2021.

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