Kaggle – Data Visualizations Micro-course

I finished the Kaggle Data Visualization micro-course. It was surprising good little course. The same person who did the Intermediate Machine Learning course made this one but this time it lacked anything to complain about it. It was just the right amount of easy and hard for a fast paced learning.

The Good about Kaggle – Data Visualizations

For the most part, it was a fast course that required a little bit of thought in the exercises but was completely manageable if you read the document and could operate your copy and paste functionality.

The way the data was displayed in terms of code was very snippet-able. A nice easy thing to plug and play. She explained each piece which is always nice and is often forgotten about when people are so focused on a specific educational goal.

She also introduced downloading a data set for your personal projects. All in all, it was actually an enjoyable little course.

The Less Good

There is only a single item that I felt was completely out of place in the course. If you are doing it like me and starting from the very beginning, the first section will drive you batty. It is set for nearly complete noobs. Again, it was fast so not much of an annoyance but it did feel kind of useless.

If you started there for your Machine Learning start then you would feel right in place. Also some of the topics were quite frankly disposable. I feel like the first and last sections could have been dropped without any negative effect happening the course overall.

This is one of those things that won’t add a bunch of value in terms of your machine learning textbooks but with normal people, being able to express the data in a meaningful way, this could be the most valuable part. At least when it comes to the pocket book.

If you got a spare hour or three then you could do worse then to spend it on Kaggle -Data Visualizations.

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