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Over the last two years, I have tried to sync up with a YouTube channel that focuses on teaching Deep Learning in real time. There is a adjunct professor who is posting his course online. His name is Jeff Heaton and I will link to his YouTube Channel. He updates for each time he teaches his course. Finally, I have gotten on his schedule and I have the time to follow it. Lets dig into the Deep Learning Course that has me so excited.

Rough Outline of Heaton and his Deep Learning Course

The basic outline of the course is a overview and the focus on learning how to do it rather than building the rig to do it. Despite not being the focus, Heaton does not leave you hanging on dealing with the rig. The first time I dabbled in the course was before I knew anything about CoLabs so I had to set that mess up on Windows. His instructions are pretty solid and I think he has improved over the years I had followed him. I am really excited about following along in real time.

Generally after that is a Python refresher, which I should be really prepared for from my last post. Following past that is digging into the general theory then regression and classification. Following that are Convolutional Neural Networks and GANS. I have never gone past that. Life keeps getting in the way. Every year there seems to be different post-classification items that seems to change. Finally there is the class Kaggle.

I have felt these to be among the best Deep Learning/Machine Learning stuff out there. He practices this stuff in real life. I think that maybe the difference that makes me like him so much more than other teachers.

Why Should You Care?

So you know what I am talking about and you know who I am talking about but why should you care?

I have looked around the web and this maybe the best free resource for going from having no idea what Machine Learning is to having a solid understanding of the basics on the internet. Dudes needs more love for what he is doing in the community because it is a pretty good course. I have literally used principles taught in this course in my consulting to save a project from total collapse because of the complication of the topic.

If you are interested in this field then you should check this out.

I hope you will join me as I follow Jeff Heaton as he teaches his university Deep Learning course.

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