Inventory App Journal, Day 1

Today, I started an inventory app. So this is Day 1 of the Inventory App Programming Journal. This app is neat because it uses images of the product to utilize the image. I wonder what other applications could use this as I will own the code as part of the contract. They have freedom to use and modify but I own the code. Because the product line is continued to a few hundred products that do not deviate, we can build something that can use the image. The hope is that this will allow the stock receivers to quickly input the items as they pull them out. The item in question is mixed within the shipment so there is some organization that has to happen when they get it. Lets dig a bit deeper into the Inventory App Programming Journal Day 1.

Inventory App, Day 1

I have decide the use a WinForm’s .NET 5 implementation. This is my first .NET 5 application so I am a bit nervous. It makes sense to do it in WinForms. There is no need of any fancy custom controls nor a need for web capable functionality. In fact this app will never be on the web. It is 100% a Windows desktop application.

Bold New Worlds While in the Safety of WinForms on Day 1 of an Inventory App.

I have done .NET Core 3.1 apps here in the last couple of months but this is my first .NET 5. It is freaking excited. It is not everyday that someone gets to start their next phase in their career. So far so good. I had to remember how to implement controls programmatically. I need to do a post on this so hopefully I won’t forget again. There are tiny details that I missed that cost me a bunch of time. I used a demo image from the manufacturer. While getting the development photos was easy, I am not sure if the permissions needed will get received or if we will generate new images of the existing stock. Either way this is the style of image that will be in the final product. I have manged to get everything position. While the subdivision are not working, the foundations of the application’s navigation are ready. In addition to these, I have the series set of the product and the shipment box they came in ID’s. This is important because there are potentially different versions of the same product across separate series. While not functionally different, they are different in accounting so we have to track it. Along with this we have the shipment box they came it to help with the cost accounting of the contents since these are largely a commodity.

Database Stuff

Wrapping this up, I created the tables, relationship and unique indexes for the database in SQL Server. No action pushing between them but I am happy for the couple of hours it took to get where I am. I got a solid start and a decent design in mind for the application so I am happy wrapping up day 1 of the Inventory App.

General Design of Inventory App

Even though a desktop app is the intended design. I want to leave this open to a web implementation. Because of this, I think I will use an MVP pattern so that I have a head start on the controller should a web based application pop up.

Hopefully the rambling of a dev at 1:50am make some sense. Either way I am going to bed.

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