The Last One…The Great Office Move

It has been a week since I last posted and it will likely be another before I post again. I am in the process of moving offices so this is the last post from my old home. There will be more content when I get this move complete. We just have to get this whole office move thing resolved.

I intend to explore MVC.NET security tutorials and possibly how to do a Stripe install from MVC.NET. Those should be some great topics. I also have a massive project that is coming do to suck up my time.

I am really thinking about trying to build a predictive Chess machine that we can walk through from start to finish. That should be easily several posts. It should be a fun series, if I can fit the machine into my schedule. That might be a really fun and interesting project as I stretch out my deep learning legs and build something.

I am hoping my new hole in the ground will allow me more hours of working. There is just too much noise and stress leaking into my little office from the business I share my abode to focus long enough on one topic. My current situation is just not happening as there are just too many people around these days while our commie plague is rampaging across the state. We will get in trouble with the city, if we keep this up so its a bunch of reasons to move on.

It is a time for change as I recently left my 30’s and now my original office behind so it seems like a good time to be a little introspective. With this change, I will get this chaos under control. I can get more content and more neat stuff built. I will even get to spend more time with my dog which makes me happy. Excuse me as I need to return to my office move as the rains temporarily stop.

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