My Last MVC 4 Site

As many of you know, I am freelance developer. I ended up with a commission that sucked all my time for a solid month. With four layers to subcontractors to get to me, it got done in the 7-10 days promised. I hope to never do something that chaotic ever again but money is money. After the project, I realized that .NET 5 is only a couple of months out from happening. I doubt I will do another website between now and then so this was my last website using the ASP.NET MVC 4.

What is left in ASP.NET MVC 4?

One of the things that I have been trying to be more aggressive in blogging is MVC solutions to problems. Shockingly, the documentation for my problems was quite lacking. I had to stitch together several solutions. These will get their own posts.

It’s a final gift the the people being left behind.

What’s Next For Me?

As I am probably going to decrease my involvement with the company feeding me projects as the kinds of projects they are providing are moving away from my goal, rather than towards it.

One of the big things to do in 2020 is to move away from the contractor model and start actually making software that I can sell. This blog is one of the vehicles I hope will drive sales. There is every intention to follow the construction of the Garden App here. Mostly, it will be developer journals so probably nothing more then hearing the psychology of a dev while dev-ing. To my knowledge there is nothing like it on the web so it should be a fun exercise for those wanting to be a developer.

So I am going to construct my Garden app. I still want to do some Kaggle competitions this fall and winter. With that I want to get another 3 books on Machine Learning read and of course get at least one book about .NET Core read. I feel like I will also need to get a MVC.NET CORE course or book or something to fill in the gaps in knowledge about this kind of project.

In terms of development work, I want to build a website that could handle Chess problems using Machine Learning. Not exactly a unique or even easily monetized thing but I think it would show off what I could do in terms of Machine Learning so I could pivot my business to more big data. It appears to be the future and seems quite frankly to be kind of fun.

I am debating dabbling in the WordPress plugin world as I think there is a gap for me in it.

Wrapping up the projects is potentially doing some IT work for a podcast and possibly doing one here. That might be a touch too far but something like that has been rolling around in my head.

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