In the Library with Grokking Deep Learning.

I started a Deep Learning with Python from Manning Publishing when I started journey down the Machine Learning rabbit hole. I did pretty well until about Chapter 5. Then it started going wrong. I was just not understanding it. I stopped that book and realized, I needed some additional fundamentals study and found also by Manning a great book for understanding what is actually going on in a Deep Learning machine. This tome is called Grokking Deep Learning. When I say that it is fundamental, it is fundamental.

What do you mean fundamental?

When I say fundamental, I mean you learning at a very deep level, what is going on in the each node. The author shows you step by step what is going on. Then he adds the next layer and explains some more. The math is not too technical for the average IT person. It is something I believe the author is quite proud about so it is done with intention. If you are struggling with your how to book for Deep Learning this is a good book to grab.

What’s bad about Grokking Deep Learning?

The single worst part of the book is when you are done, you don’t really have the tools to build a deep learning machine. You have a much better idea of the theory about Deep Learning. The terminology is there too. Just not the application. What this book does well is prepare you for reading your learning Deep Learning beginners book.

I don’t regret reading this for one moment. It was an interesting read and something that has generated a few post on here. It just not really going to get you started with Deep Learning. I would actually recommend this book to management because it gives you a bunch of theory, terminology and an idea of what right looks like without all the implementation details that you would get in say a Learning Deep Learning with Python.

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