Get Off Your Butt and Build Something

One of the challenges of becoming a developer is getting enough reps to become a dynamic and powerful developer. Quite frankly, very few jobs offer the space to become that kind of person. It a sucky truth but it is a truth nonetheless. How do you adjust your reality to that truth. You build something.

What do you mean build something?

Exactly that, just start building something. Find anything in your life that would improve and build that. Don’t worry about monetizing it. Finally. don’t worry if it is crappy code or horrible design. Without first coding you can’t fix those problems. Remember to be iterative in your process.

When you build something, you can figure out what technologies are needed then start learning about them. You can dig deep into alternate lanes. You play the roll of the project manager, the business owner and the developer.

I don’t know what to do. There are no good ideas despite trying. Help, I am stuck with no good ideas.

I won’t lie. That is annoying but it is ok. If you have not thought of an idea here are a couple of steps to get you unstuck.

  1. Spend 15 minutes a day thinking about it. Because of your subconscious, do it before bed so it can process on it. Keep battling and you will start rewiring your brain to look for those things in your life.
  2. While you’re waiting for your brain to rewire, do some Code Katas. You can follow along with me with the set I am working on or find someone else’s.
  3. After that try and read a book about some new technology. Maybe learning the tools you have will give you an light bulb moment on how to apply it in your life.

Most developers need to build in order to be happy. If you are falling into a depression as a developer then this could really pull you out. There is something about devs that must build to be happy.

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