New Topic: Wandering Through the Library

In my redesign of the site, I needed new kinds of topics to cover. Here is the first of the new topics, Wandering Through the Library.

I regularly read too many technical books. While I find them all useful, some are better than others or I wish I had gotten them in a different order. Since this is my actual IT library, I figure what better name then Wandering Through the Library to call this topic?

So what is this Wandering Through the Library?

I will review the books I am currently reading or have read in the past. I will focus on where I read the book and when I had wished I had read the book.

Since I am on an Android and Android related accessories kick, the first several will be of a beginning Android focus. I plan to do the following over the next few weeks.

Exactly how many books do you read?

I read far too many books. I generally learn a technology or two ever year and I have been doing this for nearly 15 years and 4+ years of schooling. So I don’t expect this topic to run out. Maybe be a bit old here and there but not run out.

So you are staying in the 2000 or something?

While many of these will be things that would have been more bleeding edge in 2010 than 2020, I will address newer topics as well and recommend video series as I find them useful. If I find an especially great web example of something then I will reference it as well. I honestly don’t expect it but I want to leave the door open for such things.

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