Code Kata 4: Strings on Patrol

So I am about to start Code Kata 4. You can image my surprise when it said don’t finish the post. For the record I want you to finish this post but they were not so gung ho about that. Unlike Kata 3, this one appears to be a programming challenge so that has me pumped. It also appears to have multiple parts.

Are you going to stretch Code Kata 4 across multiple posts like you did in Kata 3?

Yep, each one is its own little challenge. I feel like I should address them as the individual parts that they are. There is likely to be an issue with long posts if I merge them together. I want to keep things short so that is the way I am going to roll.

Going off of context, this seems to be a re-usability challenge. I suspect that is why they do not want us to read ahead. This should be fun.

Let’s burn that bridge when we get there tomorrow.

On a unrelated note…

I am going to start trying to focus on cranking out post everyday. I have been posting based on my availability but I would like to grow our little community into something special. To do that requires exposure and exposure requires content.

Along with additional content creation, I am going to go back into the archive and look at some older posts. I am going to improve SEO, rearrange them where I feel they are not clear and generally try to move those older post to a higher quality level. The core of the content should be the same, but SEO and readability will be a bigger focus. Also, in areas where I do not feel it is clear, I will provide additional clarification.

Finally, because of the new content needs, I will likely diversify the kind of content I produce. I will probably limit personal stuff as I move away from being a traditional blog and instead move to a more how to model.

One of the new models, I want to do is a follow my programming journey with a new app creation. Many years ago, I tried a similar approach with a Xamarin app, I wanted to create. I learned the downfall of Xamarin and the development puttered out. I fragged those posts when I re-positioned the blog but they may make a return.

I hope you join me for this little experiment.

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