A New Beginning

After a couple of tries to get this establish, I decided that what I was doing was not working. When you run into such a problem there is only one solution a new beginning.

How to do such a thing?

When something is not working then do something different. Repeat as required. So I am changing the focus of the site. It is still going to be a technology blog but with a more human based balance to it.

I realized after these last few years, I have been growing technologically but killing myself in the process. I forgot to put my head up and life started passing by. When I was a working stiff, I maintained balance in my life. Somehow I forgot to stay balanced and stopped doing everything but working, sleeping and studying. So I am refocusing and restarting this blog on balance in the programmers life. The reality is that I know more than I have ever known and get done less than I ever have. I have to correct this.

What a new beginning looks like?

First, I drew up a plan. It is a plan that focuses on every aspect of my creative life. I need to create to be happy and I wasn’t creating.

On the education side of the plan, I focused on the things I must learn to execute the rest of the plan. I want to focus on Android and start dabbling in Deep Learning. Followed by learning iOS programming and maybe dabble in Unity as I am not sure it is not the best solution for cross platforming applications. Finally, I want to move to the next level in C# development and improve my unit testing.

Second, I want to get this blog up and running. I realize trying to do highly technical post with many images just could not be done multiple times a week with my schedule. So like my life, I am balancing it out. There will be a focus on human improvement and as I am in the phase of my career where I help fledgling developers, I am going to focus on what to do to squeeze the most of your development career.

Third, well, I am going to hold that part of the plan back. The first two are already massive goals and I do not want to create an overwhelming list of things I plan to do.

How to complete the first goal?

I want to create a suite of programs that are ones I regularly use and keep on my phone. Ads are the devil, and the spying so why not create a version of each that I know what it is doing. I am starting really stupid simple and moving up complexity. Hopefully the first app will be in the store by the end of the month. These are going to be free apps. There is not really any market value to these apps as the Google Play is saturated with them. I want to go through the process and get some experience under my belt.

This new beginning is starting to ramble so let end it here and see what the year has in store. Forgive the mess. It is going to take me a while to get the look and feel right around here.

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