Oh No Ubertooth is… – A Troubleshooting Guide

So I thought I was done with Ubertooth. But over the last few weeks, I have been getting emails that are some flavor of help, my Ubertooth is not working. In the last Ubertooth post, I tried to say it was temperamental. Lets do some troubleshooting of some of the issues, I ran into while playing with Ubertooth. Lets dig into a Troublshooting Guide for Uberooth.

libusb Error -7

First, this error is generally cause by a couple of things. This is an error with the USB connection so we have an idea of where to start.

First make sure you have done the USB passthrough to your virtual instance of the Ubertooth device.

Next if that checks out then make sure you have not been playing with the Ubertooth. If you run a ubertooth -rx command to see if it is communicating then there is a very good chance that it is still in use and is not available to communicate.

First see if you can Ctrl\ out of the issue. If you can great your done.

Second, if that does not work, try unplugging the Ubertooth and plugging is back in.

Finally, if that did not work then reboot the Linux instance and do the unplugging step with the Ubertooth again.

One of those three things, at least for me, always fixed this problem.

You said to reset but I don’t know where the pipe file is.

This one is an easy one to fix. It is actually in the caption of one of the pictures.

At the file explorer screen select the Other Locations in the left hand bar.

Under “On This Computer” we have Computer. Select it.

This will open up the root file structure. Scroll down until you see the tmp folder. Click it to open it.

If the file is there and there is no guarantee of this, right click on it.

Select Move to Trash and you are done.

You are good to go to give it another go.

In the Capture Interfaces dialog of Wireshark, I can’t find the pipe interface.

This is most commonly caused by typing in the pipe name rather than browsing. Browse to the file and it should appear when you press OK.

That wraps up the questions for use to do in this Ubertooth troubleshooting section. As always feel free to question or comment below.

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