New Topic: From Noob to Pro

As I was thinking about new topics, I thought about how much I had changed as a developer over the last year. I have been reading about programming at a level that no one I know has ever attempted. Then I thought how much I have changed in my code over 15 years come July. After all that serious noodle wagging, I realized it might be fun to do a series on what I did at the beginning of my career to now. A noob to pro sort of series.

I have to say that I have a bit of apprehension about this. One of the side effects of my learning is a realization of how dumb I really am about programming. There is a small pieces that is like in a year, you will be ashamed.

Finally, I realized that is what the comments section is for. It would not hurt me to get some code review from people so what the heck. I think old timers turn into old timers because they are suppose to be experienced. That mantle weights them down and slowly destroys them. It something I just need to dive in with both feet.

What’s the plan to go from Noob to Pro?

I think I am going to use a four function calculator as a program. I will show you how I would have written them at different phases of my career.

This could be a really useful series for the young devs. One of the issues that held me back was how long it took to realize there was more to developing to learn then the last half of the book. I think if you follow along, there will be some eye opening potential that will make your journey from noob to pro take half the time.

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