Happy Election Day

Just a little detour from my normal tech posts. Today is the election day in the US. Traditionally, I go home early to watch the festivities and human drama. I eat good food and indulge in more than a few libations. Then take Wednesday off because no matter what happens there is always a reason to drink yourself stupid and feel it in the morning.

So go vote for your favorite mutated yam, dementia patient escapee or third party person on Tuesday. Then eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow the Sun comes up and everything will still be pretty normal.

If nothing else, we can enjoy the press high fiving each other as Biden wins states and gnash their teeth as Trump does. Ain’t a neutral and balanced press fun?

Remember to laugh on election day. There is something funny about it no matter who wins and pray for the poor bastard that wins and has to be President. As I tell my liberal friends, the system will survive Trump. To which they go “Maybe”. Likewise in 2008 with my conservative friends, I tell them the system will survive Obama to which they said “Maybe”. At least they agree on something.

For you cord cutters, remember you can get a month of Sling TV that will cover all the news outlets.

Hopefully there will be live streams going on all their sites but just in case you can get it all.

Personally, the funniest moment in my life was watching in 2016. Every station had a different declared map but every state was declared by at least one of them. They sat for hours as they were not going to be the ones to declare Trump the winner. I didn’t even vote for the guy but it still was an absolutely comical moment. Poor AP for having to take that bullet.

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