No Plan Survives Contact with the Enemy

National Zoo Prairie Dog Pit

As the first post on this thing, I feel like I have to explain why.

The why is simple, it is to document for myself the techniques and frustrations that comes with learning new technology. I have done this process for years but I have never really documented it. I regularly run into a problem and realize I have seen something similar but don’t have the record of what was done. Hopefully over time, I will find my voice and direction but this is good for now. This is my plan and we all know, except Project Managers of course, what happens to a good plan.

Maybe it is the programmer training shoved into my noodle or maybe I am a little crazy in my love of structure. Either way, I will focus on my learning of new technologies and techniques. At least until something changes.

Why did I call it Silicon Prairie Dog? Well, I hate the term silicon prairie and prairie dogs are fun.

Well, they are fun if your not a farmer or rancher.

Who doesn’t like small, barking critters sticking their heads out of holes. Don’t believe me then go to the National Zoo and look at the statues or look at my picture in the lower corner. They built little statues of them in the east coast. This makes me laugh.

Silicon prairie is a generic marketing term that every city in the Great Plains is calling itself because it reads well on the brochures.

It is an easy thing for consulting firms to sell. They can package it up and sell it over and over duping one local government after another.

With all the community problems that name sake having for all its none billionaires, why would any community want that?

I hate the implied, me too, inferiority aspect of it too.

But I am stuck with it. Why not make something useful and something that can scorn on a regular basis!

Best of all prairie dogs live in big, high functioning communities.

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