It’s Alive, It’s Alive and It has a Frankenstein Plan

I am kind of embarrassed that I have had like 3 posts in three months but hey it has been busy. I have new clients and new projects and I am just starting to feel like I have a handle on things again. I’m ready to start my Frankenstein plan.

Despite an ice storm that has severely imperiled my sweet potato, pepper, tomato and tomatillo harvests, I still have power. That is more than most of my clients can say at the moment. Anyway, my front yard looks like a war zone and my backyard looks like a Christmas special. Despite all this, I have a plan and need to get this place back up and running. Working from home has been great.

The Frankenstein Plan

With all the 2020 chaos, I have not been good about sticking to my original 2020 plan. As a result, I am going to take part of my remaining 2020 plans, along with a new set of plans that will try to start up three separate large projects. One is getting this site up. Another is getting the Garden App up and running and starting down a train of applications for business. That should provide ample content for this site. Finally we have the producing a history podcast. This last one is a bit of a stretch but it should be fun. Hopefully more will come from that, assuming we can actually get the first episode released.

On top of all that, I need to get shape up my consulting business as I diversify my customers. Wrap up the machine learning education so I can start to do Kaggles. I want to be able to start shifting my consulting over to machine learning and data science and that is the first step to build credibility.


First, I need to process all the stuff I had said I would do. Next I have a round of things that tied to the Garden App. The pod cast probably won’t produce much content for here but that is only probable and not guaranteed.

On the docket are the remnant of the MVC stuff I did back in August. That needs to get written up. I also have several books reviews lined up that need to get written. Finally, I want to do several tutorials on Unity as I think it might be the best things for creating some of the applications, I want to create.

Finally, I want to allow people to support the blog so I am going to setup a TeeSpring store because everyone else is doing it so why can’t we.


So my consulting company is suppose to be a software company. One issue is that I have no software. I have an idea for a series of business focused applications and a software salesman mentor to help me figure out how to get these apps off the ground. As a result, I have a bunch of coding in my future.

I also want to move my consulting away from doing .NET development since they are a dime a dozen and swooping over a business and crapping on it before I fly away makes me feel yucky. I would much prefer to help business leverage their existing data. The little, I have gotten to play in that area, it has been fun.

What Got Dropped?

So with the revamping of my 2020 plan there has been some casualties. Since my regular income went to the virus caused Tartarus, I have to find some new business. The single biggest thing I am dropping is my mobile development plans. I was hoping to fill a hole in the company I worked with on projects but Commie virus changed their reality and mine as well. So Android and iOS development is out the window. That was a big chunk of my learning both in planned stuff and actually learned stuff but hey, something had to go and it had the lowest potential for revenue.

I was hoping to complete 4 Kaggle competitions in 2020. Getting an account and through the tutorials is my new 2020 goal. That was several hundred hours that had to go away. I also had about a dozen Windows applications that I was hoping to do but will not. The new business is probably more lucrative, easier to sell and faster to develop.

Finally my SPD publishing schedule got nixed. It takes a bunch of time to create the content. If it does not support a goal then I need to pitch it. So fewer posts have occurred than planned in 2020.

So my patchwork plan is here, but since it is nearly Halloween, I just had to call it my Frankenstein plan.

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