The End of the World, Hopefully I Will Feel Fine

So I took some time off to reevaluate things. Then the end of the world has happened. I am not sure exactly what is going to happen to my business. My planned expansions are all on hold and maybe on a permenant vacation as I am not sure it will be viable until well after I run out of capital.

How’s it going as the end of the world has occurred?

I am doing a tiny bit of work. Not enough to survive but at least there is some to slow down the collapse of my tiny little empire.

As far as the blog, I have removed several topics. I hated how they were coming together and decided to pivot away from them. The pivot will probably be focused more on software and career development than personal development.

I have a bunch of half done projects and books I need to get through. After I get those wrapped up, I am going to get this blog rocking again. The feeling of being perpetually behind is haunting me though that is more the size of my attempted 2020 goals then my failure to execute.

So what is there to expect for the rest of the quarter?

First, I have about 3 books I need to finish. I have an Entity Framework, Deep Learning and Design Patterns books that I need to complete. I also have 1 React course to work through. After all that, I have to adapt to Blender 2.9’s new GUI so I can build assets for some programs I have on the docket. After all that fun, I need to complete my first Android program and get it into the store. It’s an exciting time to be alive and we are living through a moment of history. All I have to do is not get crushed by it.

How is everyone fairing?

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