Seriously, Finish Kali Install Already

I never intended for this to become a multipart behemoth but it did. So picking up from the last post, which was suppose to post while I was out of state but didn’t.

Let’s Blow this Thing so We Can Go Home.

After lots of bumping and grinding, with a dash of black screens of nothingness, you will get this.

Kali Install Netwrok Mirror

We are going to keep the yes and press “Continue”.

Kali Install Proxy Server

If you have a proxy then play here otherwise keep pressing “Continue”. It’s really neat. You get more progress bars and other fun things to look at.

Your reward for a long days watching progress bars? If you said a desktop to work on then you are crazy. The correct answer is even more configuration. This time for installing the GRUB boot loader on the hard drive. Like so many screens before it, keep the default, yes in this case, and press “Continue”.

Kali Install Grub

This screen is different because we want to select something that is not the default. We want the boot loader on our only drive so select the “/dev/sda…” and press “Continue”.

Kali Install MBR Location

With that, we are rewarded with more progress bars but this one says “Finishing the installation”.

Kali Finishing the installation

When the night is at its darkest from the edge of the world, something magical appears and we know that everything will be ok.

Kali Install Finished

One last time, press the “Continue” button.

Psych, I really got your didn’t I? We have more “Finishing the installation” progress bar.

When it is actually done, it will reboot and you will get this once it finishes it bumping and thumping.

Kali Welcome Screen

Not much for so much work. Put in root and your password and we have desktop.

What’s Next

After getting an environment in which we can now run the Ubertooth, we will get the main point of this exercise. In the next post of course.

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