Let’s Finish the Kali Install

We will get the OS finished installing. In the last post, I messed up. You need to have 20GB sized hard drive and not an 8GB size. Fix this or you will be made to pay the gods, the Kali install gods.

Fire up the Kali VM and we will get the Kali OS install screen. Lets choose the Graphical install.

*2020 Update STOP! You need at least 50 GB these days to execute these instructions. Should you end up getting stuck with a hard drive that is too small, I have a post on how to expand you vhd here.

OS Install

Kali OS Install Screen 1

So we will get a black screen and some great computer gibberish then you make it to the language. I speak English so English will be selected and press “Continue”.

Kali OS Screen Language Selection

Next question is your country. I live in the US so I select the United States and press “Continue”.

Kali OS Install Screen Select Country
Kali OS Install Screen Select Country

Now we get to the keyboard selection and I am an English speaking American and I use a American English keyboard so I selected “American English” and press “Continue”.

Kali OS Install Screen - Keyboard language

Now you are going to get lots of screens with lots of progress bars. Sit back and relax until the “Configure the network” screen.

Networking and User Stuff

I am going to keep the host name as kali but put whatever you want the system name to be then go for it. I wouldn’t put a name that already exist on the network but its your troubleshooting time. Choose your name and press “Continue”.

Kali OS Install Screen - Network Name

Now we are at domain name, I leave my blank and press “Continue”.

Kali OS Install - Domain Name

Let’s do some password setup. For your root account add a password and press “Continue”.

Kali OS Install - Set Root Password

Now we got that out of the way, we can focus on the time zone. Being a Great Plains resident, I am in the Central Time Zone so I select “Central” and press “Continue”.

Kali OS Install Time Zone

We will get some more screens with progress bars will pass until we will get to partition disk section. For the sake of simplicity, I am going to select the “Guided – use entire disk” and press “Continue”.

Partition Hard Drive

Kali OS Install Partition Disk

Then select the drive you have and press “Continue”.

Kali OS Select Drive

I want everything all on one partition so I will select that and press “Continue”.

Kali OS Install Partitions

Let’s review what we did and when we are happy then select “Finish partitioning and write changes to disk” and press “Continue”.

Kali OS Install Partition Review

While normally you can just accept the default but here need to select “Yes” and press “Continue”.

Kali OS Install Partition Confirmation

Select the “Finish partitioning and write changes to disk” and press “Continue”.

Now we will get a bunch of install screens and progress bar so kick back and watch it install or do something else that is productive.

Kali Install DOH!

So you ended up with something that looks like this: It means you ignored the beginning of the post and it is missing some resource it needs. It won’t come out and tell you but that is generally the problem. Check the system mins for your Kali install and try again.

Kali OS Install Error

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