New Segment: Barking Down a Hole

Since following the development of my side project in slow motion is so much fun for your reading habits, I have decided to add an additional segment. As a consultant, I get from time to time questions that make me stop and go “I don’t know or more commonly, questions that I figure the average IT person does not know. I figure I would call it Barking Down a Hole. If you don’t know why I am calling this Barking Down a Hole then you got some reading to do about prairie dogs.

This is maybe because I am not the least bit judgemental about an IT person not know everything IT. Lord knows I don’t. Maybe it is my harmonizing tendencies in a group setting. I don’t know. I have my own kind of special sort of stupid. For this reason I thought maybe I should post a few of them! They can give us all a change of pace. I get these sorts of questions so I thought to myself let’s document the results.

I figure this could also be a good place for community topics and site news. Just a little hodgepodge of topics of interest.

I am not sure if I will keep this around long term. If it proves to be popular, it could change the nature of the site. We will just have to see.

Barking Down a Hole Method

First, I figure I would paint the picture of why this question came into being. If your think about it, the why for a question to exist is at least as important as the actual answer. There is so much wonderful context you can get lost in.

Next, I will give you my answer. If I am really feeling froggy or maybe researchy, I will give you some confirming opinions.

In conclusion, I hope to tie it all together in my shiny happy world and try to see why a contrary opinion exists. Because sometimes a legitimate alternative view point exists. We do not want to leave them feeling stupid but show them why they are wrong about the topic. Just because you are wrong does not mean your method is wrong.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this little detour.

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