Code Kata 5

After a fun little detour to Agile land, we are back onto the next Code Kata in our series, Code Kata 5. Because of the length of this potential post, I will break it into multiple posts. There is a bunch of stuff in here to unpack. So lets dig into what we are being asked to do.

Code Kata 5

In this kata we are looking at building a Bloom filter. I am a bit conflicted. Do I build the big fancy thing or try to keep it as simple as possible?

I am feeling like I am going to keep it possible so my hashing algorithms will be really inefficient. At least with the initial explanation post. Maybe someday I will do another post and build it with multiple hashing algorithms. Today, I am just going to take its ASCII value and multiple it by a small number. That way we can ignore the hashing and focus on the the filter itself.

On Monday, I will give a demonstration of a Bloom filter in action and walk through the code. These hashes will be really simple. Next, I am thinking a series of posts on each hash. I am thinking maybe 4 hashes but we will play it by ear. Finally addressing the Code Kata itself with a series of posts. The first describing the code and the second address the Code Kata.

Because of the complications of trying to deal with this many moving pieces, I will probably have unrelated posts intermingled. The write time on what I am planning to do will be massive so I will need some easier topics that can be put together faster. I still have to work.

Hopefully this will be an interesting series to follow and I hope you jump down the hole with me and deal with the challenges of Code Kata 5.

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