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So, here we are a few weeks into the experiment of the relaunch and I felt it was time for a update. When I started Silicon Prairie Dog, back 3ish years ago, I did not have a plan nor a direction. I had several false starts and never got things working as I needed them. On the relaunch, I fixed both problems and I am more pleased where this site is going than I was on the first two launches. It’s still not perfect.

What do you mean it’s not perfect. I am reading it?

While readership is up, I don’t feel like I am delivering enough value to my readers. I realize this is mostly a place for me to rant and rave but it should give more than it does. Even in its current state, it is of value to me. It has kept me honest about pushing forward to my goals. I still fail. I mean I fail all the time. Part of that is the ambitious nature of the goals. I am trying to grow so I am setting stretch goals for myself. I am trying to cram more self development goals in 2020 than I would attempt in 5 years. I’m sure it is my version of a midlife crisis since I am turning 40 but from my perspective that is not the case. I am not sure what the outside observer thinks.

So what’s changing?

Nothing too drastic. I am happy where the site is going so there is not going to be a big shift or anything. I want to do more multipart technology pieces. It not enough technical. Part of that is intentional. I am trying to create a place where young developers can go to figure out how to grow up in their chosen profession. That is not a technical challenge but a cultural one. If you never learned to be an adult, than how are you going to do it well. Unfortunately, it is too preachy and not enough techie. So I am going to turn that dial back. I am going to scrape some of the old articles. After rereading them, they are just not up to the rest of the blog in terms of quality. I am sure I will address the topics later but I still need to get the writing for that improved before I submit them to the world.

Well how are the goals going?

I have really stalled on my Deep Learning. Thankfully it is not because of a lack of trying. I have been really digging into what is going on within a single node. This has slowed down my overall learning speed over the short term but I think it will make me one of the best in my market in the long term. Understanding is the key to becoming a miracle worker with technology.

My Android app, I am almost ready to unleash on it. The slow down in the Deep Learning also caused a slow down in my Android. Part of the change in the site is that I want to document the creation of the project as a go along in the building it. That takes more time as I have to get my schedule set and take time to document it. I have been focusing on trying to get this blog really humming along so that has be a surprising time sink. I have been debating tracking my time I spend working on this as a result.

Let’s wrap this up, you’re starting to ramble.

Finally, I am setting up my plan for February’s content so if there is something you want to see let me know. I am starting work on my first major SPD project. I am not ready to unveil it just yet but it should be different from anything else out there. The site should get finished up this week into a steady form. I am getting the SSL certificate all setup and I think I have a satisfactory theme going. I need to get the payment processor and donation capabilities setup.

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