The Ubertooth Experience

Beside being a name for a bad cover band, the Ubertooth Experience, it is also an attempt at building a bluetooth sniffer setup. Now, I am no electrical engineer. I am not a near metal programmer nor an ethical hacker. I am just some hairless ape doing slightly better than fling my feces at my neighbor while writing business code. So how did I get here?

Like all things it walked in my door. A project that needed to communicate with bluetooth. It was having problems. In the end, I needed to try several things and this was one of those things.

Aren’t NDA’s fun story telling? Its, things and generic text, that’s some chin wagging, good storytelling. Maybe I could write the next Star Wars movie. It makes about as much sense as the freeing the space horses. Man that was a beautiful and boring movie. It’s so good, I dread Episode IX’s release. I kind of hope they cancel it and let Star Wars rest for another 20 years.

Post-traumatic-Last-Jedi-Disorder(PTLJD) aside, this was really freaking hard for a Microsoft fanboy like me. In theory you can get it to work on Windows but other then one old article, there is no guidance on it. Maybe someday, I will get that masochistic. Alas, I had to setup a Linux VM. It was still a terror and Linux is not really that scary to me. I grew up in command line.

Even doing it in Linux was a pain and it took a bunch of resources to get it to work on a Windows host. In fact the last article is step 1 for the Windows people. Turning off Hyper-V so you can use Virtual Box.

Basically the next several articles will be my journey setting up a Kali Linux VM in VirtualBox and setting up a Ubertooth in it. I will warn you now. There is nothing that is expert, pretty or even knowledgeable about these next few articles. The forecast calls for pain and the pain like it here so much it bought a condo.

Strap in because I am going where business code writing, Windows fanboys fear to tread.

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