Inventory App Day 6

Today, I got some serious time in the app. I had nearly 4 hours to work on the Inventory App, this is a good Day 6. With that said, I have completed the basic inventory side of the app. Initially, it was all bollixed up by bad design. Off with their heads, is literally the solution as I blew everything about the inventory system away. That is how my day 6 of programming the Inventory app happened.

The Good

Well, I have a inventory system setup. I think I have all the items needed to create a really basic FIFO system of accounting.

I built a wonderful little report that tells what quantities can in which shipments for an individual item. That rocked.

Finally, I got some house keeping done on the project. I have only the eBay API to tackle now so this is in the home stretch. If I could dedicate a day or two to this effort then I could have this wrapped up by the weekend. Very exciting though not optimistic everything will work that smoothly.

The Bad of Inventory App Day 6

I am behind on getting this done. My higher paying gigs are getting my attention so this one is on the back burner. Not that expectation are not being met but I was hoping to get this done by now. It is hard working in 2-4 hour chunks to get this finished. Doubly true when it is the lowest priority. That being said. It is still ahead of schedule. Behind in my personal schedule but ahead in the planned schedule.

Not really much bad but that was because there really was nothing to be sad about today. I hope I continue having this kind of day. Despite being a million degrees below zero and not receiving a really late Christmas present like expected, the day turned out pretty awesome.

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