Inventory App Day 5

So today, I got several hours in the app so I got quite a bit done. It is too the point that data entry can start which is freaking awesome. Sure it is buggy and not optimized yet from a UI perspective. Don’t even ask about my tab ordering, at least it was a very productive Inventory App Day 5.

The Good

I got a solid two hours in the app. Most of the work was around issues with the product management from a feature level. I still need to program the close button and some flow of control sorts of features but all the absolutely required features to make it work are now working as far as the product line goes. I even got data entry started so Yay!

The Bad of Inventory App Day 5

While there was a bunch of good, there was not so much bad that happened today. All my fixes, worked. All the new features worked. It just was a day of the bloody thing working.

Getting past that, I realized the design is not going to cut it for the actual inventory system. The wire frame did not think everything through. I hate it when I am programming to run into the problem that the wire frames were not completed properly. It happens but it sure is annoying.

Thankfully, I think the fix will be pretty easy. A new table, a couple of relationships and a new save button should solve all those issues.

Overall, I think that the app is coming together. I should have less than a 8 hour day for the non-API stuff. Still not sure on the API stuff but I figured it is 4-10 hours of work then it should be ready to rock and roll. It is hard to believe I could be as little as a day away from completing the app.

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