Inventory App, Day 4

It’s a late night so my work on Inventory App, Day 4 is going to be light. I need to quit working in 2 hours chucks and really focus.

What Got Done on inventory App Day 4

I finished cleaning up the reference management stuff and have moved on to the product management. I have the click interface on the image bring up the item in its own dialog. It pulling from the database, or so I think. I have started the save function for the app. Unfortunately, I ran out of time before I could finish it but I think I am in the home stretch of the app despite my fits and starts on it.

Where to Go from Here

I need to finish the save function and confirm that the pull from the database is working. I think it is but until I do an integration test, I cannot be sure. My focus has been shot this week. I’m struggling with trying to maintain focus and work ethic this week. I guess 19 months without a proper vacation is starting to take its toll but I am nearly done with the app. A dopamine spike would be good right now. I really need to sit down and spend about 10 hours and wrap this thing up. My sleep has been garbage the last two weeks. My focus is slipping, which is unfortunate as I have the Garden App I really need to get rolling.

With me wondering off topic, I need to refocus because I think I am in the home stretch so long as the eBay API does not screw me. I have never played with it so I am not sure. I also have some stuff that I need to get done for some other clients.

There are so many things to get wrapped up. Breath in and focus, me.

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