Inventory App, Day 3

This day was finishing up the Set GUI and its functions then building on that to get the Box all set. Using a basic MVP pattern for the GUI. The app is slowly coming together as I try to get everything finished for its February launch date. So far I’m in good shape as I wrap up the Inventory App Day 3.

Inventory App Day 3 Excitement.

I got to fight with Box GUI. Why this was as difficult as it was? I have no freaking idea. My best notion is the programming Gods were angry and vengeful. Most of the work was already done in the Set GUI. With the entire pattern for doing designed and programmed out, it should have taken me 45 minutes to complete. I guess a day of hard work in the garden has sapped me of some of my brains because it took way longer than it should have.

Despite taking two hours for what I felt I should be able to do in one, I slayed that beast. My reward, I get to move on to the product section of the inventory app. Dapper was being a real pain in the ass for me. My brain just ain’t right tonight.

When day 3 of the inventory app started, the business rules’ unit tests setup would be a snap to add in. I hate it when I’m wrong. Unfortunately, working in two hour bursts on this is slowing what I want to be delivering. With two client projects needing to be wrapped up this week, I am not optimistic for getting a solid block of 6-10 hours to build this. My user interface and business rules should be about half done. Maybe another 5-10 hours to wrap that completely up. I believe I’m roughly 1/3 into the project as I will need to finish the other half and integrate eBay’s API into the application.

I have read a bunch on this but I am still have a ways to go to actually getting my fingers into it.

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