Inventory App Journal, Day 2

So I only had a couple of hours to work on this project this evening. I realized that my organization of my picture box objects that I was building in code were mostly wrong. After I jettisoned into the sun my sleepy time work and replaced it with a flow control, things just worked nice and easy with a few extras that I had not planned. I hate it when I forget there is a control that mostly does what I want. On the flip side, I get happy when I implement it. Look at all those nice features. Anyway, here is my adventure on Inventory App Journal, Day 2.

The Fast Code of Day 2 on the Inventory App Programming Journal.

Like I said in the opening, I adjusted and refactored my code to take advantage of the flow control panel in the tool box. Had I remember it, it would have saved me an hour or two. Oh well, live and learn. I am less likely to make that mistake again in the future.

After my little episode of stupid, I tacked the next item on the on-deck circle, the menu bar. Part of this modification, I ripped out some of the old design and laid out the app in a cleaner and simpler way. I added a click event to all the picture boxes that I created in the code. My GUI is starting to take shape. Pulling my refactoring wand out, my sad buttons for the product characteristics transformed into combo boxes. The buttons to handle the data entry were left in the menu structure. I don’t know what I was thinking laying it out with a selection form originally. The cost of throwing this together quickly. I feel better about this interface than I did last night. Something was eating me all day about the app and I think that was it. That feeling has gone away so Yay!

Wrapping this night up, I will start constructing the reference table management forms. Rather than be forever empty, I will soon get those combo boxes populated. Well sort of, this is only the GUI stage as I speck out the rest of the design of the forms. I think this app might actually come together.

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